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CP370-EPS foam compactor

CP370-EPS foam compactor
Production characteristics:
Small footprint, low energy comsuption; Easy to operate thanks to automatic mode;
Product use:
Foam compactor for EPS foam compaction reduction capacity
Product application:
EPS recycling company, electronic factory, package industry, logistics, recycling center,etc.


EPS foam compactor is used to compress bulky foam waste EPS  extremely and efficiently by increasing foam's density, which will make the foam into stackable blocks. Not only the extreme reduction in volume and saving considerable space can be achieved (in the ratio of 40:1) in transportation  and reduction of transportation costs, but the stackable blocks can be also recycled as raw material, therefore contributing to a rapid recovery and reuse.


Compact EPS foam by ratio of 40 to 1;
Equip with the pre-crusher to ensure high efficiency;
Small footprint, low energy comsuption;
Easy to operate thanks to automatic mode;
Customization for diversified sizes of feeding hopper width;
Compressed foam blocks can be cut and piled up easily;
Spiral cold compaction without any odor, environmental;
Exquisite design;
Affordable cost;

CE certified. 


EPS recycling company, electronic factory, package industry, logistics, recycling center, plastic recycling company and community, etc.