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Four axis refrigerator shredding machine

Four axis refrigerator shredding machine
Production characteristics:
Simultaneous driving of four motor ; Long service life; Easy to change the knives;
Product use:
Waste household appliance breakage
Product application:
four-shaft shredder is a specialised design for first step of shredding of refrigerator dismantling line.

Four axis refrigerator shredding machine

Hasswell four-shaft shredder is a specialised design for first step of shredding of refrigerator dismantling line. It is different from original two shaft shredder, and it exceeds working efficiency of traditional two shaft shredding,which protects the the discharge port from being blocked. Under this condition, the production will be more smoothly and separation of material will be done more quickly.

Advanced Features

Simultaneous driving of four motor ; 

Long service life;
Easy to change the knives;
Work with own work platform;
Italian Rossi gearbox, Siemens Motor; 
Low noise;
High efficiency, High capacity 400 units per day.

Precise manufacturing process

Cutters are made of imported high-alloy, high-strength materials;

Pursue excellence entrepreneurial spirit and responsible attitude from the selecting of knives and shaft materials, processing, heat treatment, installation and test in order to satisfy customers.

Performance parameter

4S-1200Four axis shredding machine performance parameters
Power 74kw
 Knife box size 1040*1140mm
Screen hole diameter 60mm
Motor brand Siemens
Reducer brand Rossi brandItaly
Programmable controller brand Siemens brand
Device color To be determined
The power supply Requirements Three-phase          380 V +/- 5 % / 50 Hz
Device dimension 4146×6300×8010mm
Output 40-60units/h
Weight 5T