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Medical solid waste disposal problems

2019/2/28 10:23:54 Times to browse classification : Industry information

Medical solid waste disposal problems

Medical waste is refers to the medical institutions in medical treatment, prevention or health care and other related activities of directly or indirectly infectious, toxic and other hazardous waste.From the hospital and clinic medical service, medical center of clinical waste, including surgery, bandage residue, disposable syringe, etc.In accordance with the regulations on the administration of medical waste classification square station will be divided into: infectious, damage, chemical, pathologic, medical wastes.According to the provisions of the state ministry of health and the state environmental protection administration, medical waste can be divided into infectious waste, pathology, sharp wastes, chemicals and radioactive wastes, etc.

1, health damage caused by solid waste

Medical solid waste with acute, latent infection, and the characteristics of the space pollution, its germ harmfulness several times or even one hundred times that of ordinary garbage.Management of medical solid waste emissions if mishandled or lax, will be rain leaching or by winnowing, form of water, air and soil pollution, immediate harm to human body.Medical solid waste to the soil environment: the influence of storage or medical waste landfill truth is not only occupy land and soil environment, destruction of landscape, vegetation also destroyed the natural landscape.If no appropriate measures of seepage prevention of medical solid waste to landfill, waste the harmful composition could be vulnerable to erosion seepage?People in the soil, destroying soil microbes, decomposing and ability to reduce the soil, so as to destroy the plant growth environment.Impact on water environment and atmospheric environment: if the waste storage or landfill anti-seepage measures is undeserved, can cause solid waste with the natural precipitation and surface water into the surface waters around or fall into the water with the wind mixed with soil g waste water pollution, waste directly into rivers, lakes or oceans, cause water pollution.Medical solid waste incineration, especially chlorine waste incineration, if mishandled, could produce a large number of dioxin-like substances, dioxin-like substances - level carcinogens listed by the international agency for research on cancer.Because of its stable chemical performance, its half-life is generally five to ten years, accumulated in the environment in the atmosphere, soil, rivers and lakes can cause serious pollution.

2, solid and medical situation and existing problems

The cause of a large number of hospital solid waste handling obstacles - time is the widespread use of medical supplies.On the face of it, is the lack of corresponding policies and regulations, from the deep understanding is due to the waste management and disposal of our country level, lagging behind the development of social economy.That is to say, in the hospital group of waste disposal and management have weak links.

(1) part of the competent department of health and medical institutions of hospital waste treatment is still not enough or insufficient understanding phenomenon.

Some competent department of health and medical institutions of various levels will mainly focus on the leadership of hospital subject construction, talent echelon construction, medical ethics and economic income, etc., and hospital waste treatment has not been mentioned on the agenda.Economic difficulties of the hospital couldn't get the money for the hospital solid waste treatment equipment maintenance and renovation, the economy is a good hospital to put the money in the hospital on the processing of solid waste.

3, solid and medical processing of Suggestions and countermeasures

(1) seriously implement the regulations on the administration of medical waste management, the implementation and l, can improve the general law of medical wastes rules.Improve the medical waste management system, strictly implement the technical standards and clear all departments and coordination department, medical waste, handle the responsibility and obligation, to strengthen the government supervision function, environmental protection, sanitation, epidemic prevention, environmental sanitation, drug safety and other departments should earnestly perform their duties, to perfect the medical waste management system, provide law guarantee, make work qie law, institutionalized.

(2) to improve public understanding of risk medical solid waste.

Use news media publicity of the dangers of medical solid waste and disposal measures, especially the efforts to improve public health workers and rural hospitals, individual clinic staff's awareness of the dangers of medical waste, make them actively participate in medical waste management and disposal work.

(3) solid waste incineration adoption area and centralized burned.At present, the centralized medical waste incineration treatment is effective method, this not only can reduce pollution of the environment, still can use waste heat, save resources.But the centralized processing center of the high cost of construction, operation cost is big, therefore, we should be a concentration of population centers, hospitals in the implementation of centralized burning treatment, on the relative dispersion, the hospital is relatively dispersed areas burned application area and the set FenShaoDian shard.

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