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Who should be responsible for junk siege?

2019/2/28 10:29:07 Times to browse classification : Industry information

Who should be responsible for junk siege?

Garbage siege alarm has sounded for years in some cities in our country, there is still more.Such as municipal main media reported recently that crack garbage siege of the city need to wait until 2017.Incineration plant construction lag, the landfill capacity and dries up, but need to deal with daily disposal of more than ten thousand tons of garbage, grim.In fact, as early as in 2008, local given warning of "garbage siege.Seven years have passed, why waste and risk is so big city, and give off the impression?

According to the local environmental sanitation planning, urban management, the 12th five-year plan outline, garbage disposal related implementation plan and related facilities construction of the eia of the public, 2015 years ago, local YingJianCheng production capacity of 26.2 million cubic meters of  landfill and 7 day processing capacity of 8200 tons of incineration plant.So it seems, the local is to consider for the garbage siege, still occurs and predicament,  the author thinks that need to be reviewed from the following aspects:

First of all, to review the planning is scientific, whether to be able to carry out.Preparation of planning is waste management is an important content and task, the origin of planning compiling process is the process of waste management activities and a preview, to identify the development  direction, motivating development power, cohesion force and optimize the development plan.Governments at all levels and waste units should attach importance to the planning of waste management work, respect the authority of planning, planning for lead, promote waste management step by step. 

Should vigorously construction of disposal facilities in front of crack garbage siege of nasty, and to optimize the management system and improve management ability to avoid junk siege.However, to lead the pursuit of some planning, the planning is not scientific;Or, some leadership to alter planning, even ignore planning, the existence of this phenomenon is worthy of reflection.

Next, want to review whether the investment and financing mode and construction mode is advantageous to the construction of facilities.Garbage disposal facilities construction has its particularity, the capability of material using this type of marketization of infrastructure projects can be fully market-oriented and emergency type of landfill disposal facilities construction should be control by the government, between the incineration facilities, appropriate USES public-private partnership model.Some places in order to cater to the market trend, but out of control, USES the way of administrative licensing of the city's garbage disposal facilities construction business charter to an enterprise, cause monopoly, reduces the efficiency and benefit of garbage disposal.Before issued by administrative licensing in view of this, it is necessary to seriously answer a few questions: whether franchising enterprises have sufficient financial resources and material resources and manpower? The city garbage disposal of large facilities to a construction safety management?How to improve construction efficiency and benefit, franchise enterprise how to rescue is not up to?

Third, we should review the administrative regulation is in place.Even if the construction of facilities for treating business charter to the enterprise,  franchise enterprise departments and garbage cannot be ignored by the competent department of construction management regulation.Some problems must be attention:  why the department in charge of garbage and supervising agencies didn't pay attention to construction progress?Why not urged authorities in charge of franchise enterprise franchise companies to speed up infrastructure construction?Without supervision, or supervise the dummy, or supervisors and the competent department of franchise business partnership cheat?No matter what situation, supervision in consequence is very serious.

Fourth, to review the government department is competent.Garbage departments should not only promote the optimization of the waste management system and management ability, and to reserve enough landfill capacity in case of emergency, guarantee the rubbish is handled in time, keep garbage processing order. Departments should review their decision-making, management and execution implementation level is good.Should not only clearly recognize their own responsibilities, and to be qualified for their duties, which requires departments to strengthen the team construction.Garbage is related to People's Daily life and the city by the competent department of city appearance environment operational administrative departments, should not only be governing for the people,  administration according to law, also want to master waste management knowledge, scientific administration, it is related to whether good big problem.

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