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Why can turn waste into the garbage into China "treasure"?

2019/2/28 10:34:56 Times to browse classification : Company news

Why can turn waste into the garbage intoChina&quot;treasure&quot;?

Takeaway: country for its production and sales have strict specifications, for illegal smuggling, processing of the unknown has banned the plastic waste.However, the reporter recently found in individual place in hebei province, or someone, blatant, in spite of the ban is still engaged in such illegal activities.

Plastic products convenient and practical, it has a wide application in the production and living.Is widely used because of plastic products, and may even use in food and medical fields, so the country for its production and sales have strict specifications, for illegal smuggling, unknown to the processing of the plastic waste has always been banned.However, the reporter recently found in individual place in hebei province, or someone, blatant, in spite of the ban is still engaged in such illegal activities.

Just looking for clues in the author come tohebeidacheng county, on the road ran into a big truck full of waste plastic, keep up with the car right away. In half an hour later, the car turned into a place called XinZhuang Village, in the center of a field, simple behind the walls of the heap of waste plastic, has the wind will have strong smell floated in the air, waste plastic is here the car unloading the cargo.The pile of things on the ground, rather than waste plastic is rubbish, inside had everything: all kinds of plastic, plastic bags, computer parts, and not a plastic metal box, rubber doping, etc.These things also marked on all kinds of foreign language: Japanese, English, Korean, and some don't know what the words.There is worker is sorting the plastic.

A sorting, is will not select out of plastic waste, then classify the rest of the plastic.

The garbage is prohibited to import in our country, so is the ocean garbage from which were shipped?

One of the workers, from tanggu pull.The doping other garbage more raw material pleased a ton less than $100, and the plastic is a little more about $200. In our country, the formal is to allow the import of waste plastic, but after cleaning requirements are in a foreign country, conform to the relevant health conditions to enter the Chinese customs.A ton of at least $600.And these stacked content looks very dirty, a lot of plastic packaging also sticky residue, apparently without washing.Belong to the illegal import of the rubbish.

I see, the rubbish in langfang dacheng county XinZhuang Village after sorting and dragged to another place, followed the car came to the cangzhou qingxian county of a plastic factory.This factory looks business good, early in the morning, delivery and loading trucks have been filled with the yard.Reporter discovery, the ocean garbage here machine shattered into small pieces.

Due to crush plastic will seriously pollute the environment, in accordance with the relevant environmental regulations and processing enterprise must have the relevant qualifications and Ann conform to the requirements of dust removal equipment can be engaged in processing of waste plastics in the factory the simple mill was obviously does not meet the requirements, the workers also admitted stealing the processing.

The factory in dacheng county Wang Sihe village, walk into the yard can be heard a huge noise, the workers are put on the ground to quash the plastic shovel into the machine. After crushing is rinsed and procedure, that is, the shredded plastic directly poured into the ground to rinse the pool, and then out for bagging.Rinse after the broken material on the ground, this feels very burned hand.A engaged in waste plastics processing industry insiders told reporters that this liquid is not water, rinse broken material with caustic soda.

See in the workshop, they just dug a pond on the ground, filled with liquid inside the bubble, without any equipment.And for the import of waste plastic, are to be carried out in a foreign country after cleaning, to comply with relevant health conditions can be imported, rinse the plastic rubbish at home, obviously violates the relevant regulations.Illegal processing plastic air is polluted by the waste, to rinse, harm is more than that.

In the wall of the workshop, which is a smelling the smell of the dirty pool, waste water rinse garbage like this row inside the wall outside the wall, eventually seep into the ground, caused serious pollution to the surroundings.These foreign garbage because source also without any health inspection and quarantine, itself is likely to contain bacteria, people may be infected with various diseases after contact.For these processing after the garbage was eventually sold to where? Do you use?Work of the operation, the industry says the truth to the reporter.Sell a small plastics factory, make all kinds of plastic products, and even the table.

The illegal import of waste plastic processing, production process and product, on the human body, will produce very big harm to the environment, is not good for people of all things why do some people still don't want to do that?

Plastic spend hundreds of yuan to buy a ton, after simple processing can easily fetch WuLiuQian yuan, and their homes - those little plastics factory also look so cheap price, so to buy.

Smuggling, processing of untreated the plastic waste, environmental pollution, the produce, unscrupulous operators know, still do, apparently because behind the profits in the drive, the size of the profit space is proportional to regulatory loopholes.Customs, industry and commerce, environmental protection, public security, and other law enforcement, there is any link has played a role, it can cut the chain.Problems, the smuggling import from raw material to the products, sales of circulation, there is a systematic error throughout the regulatory process.This kind of phenomenon, should cause our attention and reflection.

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